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The most popular hot sauces in the US—and the history behind them

What's Americans' favorite hot sauce? To find out, Stacker looked at the 10 most popular hot sauces on Instacart, then referenced YouGov ratings.

How to support your nutritional needs while taking weight loss medications

(BPT) - Are you considering taking or are currently taking a glucagon-like peptide 1 agonist (GLP-1) medication for weight loss? If so, it's important to know how these drugs can affect your body. …

These 5 Simple Meal Prep Hacks Make Weeknight Cooking a Breeze

(BPT) - Face it — even if you enjoy cooking, weeknight meal prep can be stressful after a long day. If you're looking to elevate your meals without sacrificing more time and effort, check out …
Level Up Brunch Spreads with Natural Sweetness
(Family Features) No matter where you are when those warmer days arrive, you can put fresh brunch spreads on the menu with recipes like Orange Juice Biscuits or Orange Juice Spicy Margaritas.
Celebrate St. Pat's with Traditional Irish Dishes
(Family Features) If St. Patrick's Day inspires feelings of hearth and home rather than leprechauns and green beer, you can celebrate tradition with warm, filling meals that harken back to Irish heritage like Irish Sláinte Stew and Irish Apple Cake.
Refresh Spring Menus with Sweet and Savory Favorites
(Family Features) Whether your favorite springtime meals take you to the patio or have you throwing open the windows to let fresh air in, enjoying the sunshine and warmth with sweet and savory dishes is a perfect way to celebrate the season.
Snacking for dinner? You're right on trend
(BPT) - How do you get your snack on in 2024? Dip for dinner? Are you creating your own perfect bite like a snack savant? In advance of National Snack Day this weekend, find out if your snack and …
Maximize your protein intake with these 3 expert tips!
(BPT) - Are you eating enough protein? If you feel hungry after a meal, are often fatigued or have brittle hair and nails, chances are you are protein deficient. Why protein? Protein is essential to …

The Making of an Iconic Moment: Behind the Scenes with David Beckham and Thierry Henry

(BPT) - Do you have Lay’s? Well, this seemingly simple question could lead to unexpected rewards, at unexpected moments, and sometimes by unexpected people. With the return of its global …

4 hacks to make your next game day watch party epic

(BPT) - With many exciting games underway, it's never too late to start planning a watch party that's sure to be remembered. Watch parties are a great way to get the family together so you can bond …

Win Game Day with Easy Hosting Hacks: 5 victory-worthy tips for even the most reluctant hosts

(Family Features) If hosting isn't your specialty but you've been named quarterback of the game day party, don't let the pressure overwhelm you.

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Pastrami-spiced veal burgers can be a great way to greet friends and family on a cold day.
Warm and Wonderful Pastrami-Spiced Veal Burgers
(NAPSI)—Whether you’re feeding your family or entertaining guests, a delightful way to keep things cosy yet special during the cold weather season is with a delicious dish such as this one, made …
The Sweet Side of Spring: 4 New Must-Try Desserts
(BPT) - Add a sweet touch to the spring season with these four new tasty dessert creations from PEEPS® and Duncan Hines®! These fun and festive treats are sure to bring a burst of color and …
Bite of Bliss: Must-Have Big Game Watch Party Dessert
(BPT) - The biggest football game of the year is finally here! Kylie Kelce, football enthusiast, mom and philanthropist, is sharing her watch party must-haves ahead of Sunday’s big game. Some …
California Walnuts: Your perfect partner for American Heart Month
(BPT) - February is American Heart Month, which is an excellent time to make sure you’re supporting your heart health by incorporating walnuts into your everyday meals or snacks. Heart disease …
3 new ways to dress up your Valentine's Day brunch or dinner at home
(BPT) - If you're looking for a fun way to dine in with your sweetheart, friends or family this Valentine's Day, how about adding a flavorful twist to brunch favorites that are easy to make at home? …
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Guilt-Free, Superfruit Snacking: Sweet treats made to permissibly indulge

For many, enjoying a small indulgence can serve as a reward for a job well done or a mood-boosting pick-me-up.

Easy Painted Sugar Cookies

9 Paint iconic holiday-themed designs onto frosted sugar cookies using Flavor Paints – a delicious mix of extract and food color.

Tasty and healthy: Lean beef's secret to a happy heart

(BPT) - When you think about eating a heart-healthy diet, do you picture beef? Beef may not be a food that immediately comes to mind when you think heart health. However, lean beef is a nutrient-rich …

8 Lucky Ways to Unleash Prosperity, Success and Positive Energy in the Year of the Dragon

(BPT) - Lunar New Year is fast approaching on February 10, and this year is the Year of the Dragon. This is one of the most popular and recognized signs on the Chinese zodiac, symbolizing luck, …