The first round of Coronavirus/COVID-19 vaccinations has begun in Schleicher County. Medical staff and health care workers at Schleicher County Medical Center were the first to receive injections last week along with members of the Schleicher County Volunteer EMS.

Residents and staff at the Schleicher County nursing home are being vaccinated this week, along with senior citizens and other members of the community with underlying medical conditions that place them at risk.

“I am pleased that we are among the first in West Texas to be able to offer the vaccine. I only wish we had a greater supply,” said Paul Burke, the administrator at Schleicher County Medical Center.

Burke notes that the State of Texas is in control of when and where vaccines will be distributed.

The vaccine produced by Pfizer was the first to arrive in Eldorado and was given to Schleicher County Medical Center staff as well as EMS volunteers.

The vaccine produced by Moderna arrived in Eldorado this week and is being given to nursing home residents and staff. Senior citizens and other members of the community who are considered to be at higher risk are also receiving the Moderna vaccine.

The two vaccines require two doses. The Pfizer vaccine requires a follow up injection 21 days after the first. The second dose of the Moderna vaccine comes 28 days after the initial injection.

The two vaccines arrived in Eldorado just as the community was coming to grips with the county’s sixth COVID related death, that of 78-year-old Reverend Joseph Vathalloor, the parish priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Eldorado.

To date, the county has recorded 145 confirmed COVID-19 cases with another 71 cases considered to be probable. Only 18 of those cases are listed as active. (See Chart Below)

“We are hoping to receive additional vaccine in the coming days so that we can offer it to the community at large,” Burke said. “Until that time, members of the public are encouraged to continue wearing masks, practicing social distancing and being cautious when out in public.”