The Schleicher County ISD board of trustees met in a special called meeting at 12 noon on Monday, June 24, 2019 to discuss potential changes to the school’s salary schedule.

The state legislature recently passed House Bill 3 which provides more money for local school districts but mandates higher teacher pay.
Superintendent Robert Gibson explained that preliminary estimates he has seen indicate that SCISD could receive an additional $400,000 from the State of Texas. He noted, however, that the state will be requiring the money to be spent in specific ways.

SCISD currently pays teachers $4,050 above the state minimum, with salaries increasing as teachers gain years of experience. Gibson noted that the state’s funding template is not yet complete, but he hopes to see local teachers receive a “significant” pay increase.

Gibson further stated that he is “very happy” with the legislature’s efforts to increase school funding.

Gibson explained that the state will require the district to allocate 30 percent of additional state funding toward pay increases for teachers and staff. Of that amount, 75 percent is to be directed toward pay increases for teachers, librarians, counselors and school nurses, with the remaining 25 percent going toward support staff.

Gibson explained that administrator salaries are not included in the equation.

The school trustees took no formal action on the matter during Monday ‘s meeting, but indicated they will revisit the issue at a later meeting when they receive the certified tax roll for the year. The Schleicher County Appraisal District is due to deliver the certified tax roll to local taxing jurisdictions by July 25, 2019.

Board President Kriss Griffin presided over Monday’s meeting with trustees Kurtis Homer, Melissa Rodriguez, Lupe Sanchez, Holly Griffin and Glyn Hutto in attendance. Trustee Michael Mertz was absent.