The 88th annual meeting of the Mias Amigas Club is being held on Friday and Saturday, June 28th and 29th.

Friday is our sandwich supper and registration beginning at 5:30 pm in the High School Cafeteria. Attendees are asked to please bring a picnic food to Share. Registration fees are $7 and the barbecue tickets are $15 each.

Registration continues Saturday with coffee and donuts beginning at 8:30 am at the Eldorado High School. The annual business meeting begins at 10 am in the EHS Auditorium, with a barbecue lunch following the meeting. The meal will be catered by McGowan’s Catering of San Angelo. The meal can be enjoyed in the cafeteria or at tables set up in the courtyard.

The Class of 1999 along with the Class of 1969 will participate in the annual “Ringing of the Bell” ceremony which will takes place on the Schleicher County courthouse square at 1:30 pm. Class photos will be taken at that time.

The Mias Amigas Club was organized 88 years ago by several women, all of them EHS graduates who met once a year to keep in touch with friends. After several years of reunions, they decided to invite men and women from other classes to join them.

Later, it was agreed to invite the class that had been out of school for 20 years to the reunions. And so it began! Being out of school for 50 years is an honor recognized each year.

EHS graduates from 20 years ago and beyond are invited to come with their friends and families to enjoy the festivities, see old friends, and perhaps make new ones! Former EHS teachers and coaches, along with current ones are also invited to re-connect with former students.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Graduates of the EHS 50-Year Honor Class of 1969 included: Jimmy McGinnes, Vickie Jones, Duwain Dempsey, Shane Henderson, Betty Belman, Terry Bosmans, Buddy Calk, Gary Cave, Allan Corbell, Deena Day, Donna Davis, Elaine Dempsey, Lonnie Gibson, Glenda Hanusch, Roy Mack Hawkins, Bobby Haynes, Robert Joiner, Richard Keel, Ray Louis Lozano, Nancy Lux, Clay Meador, Mike Olson, Kathy Robinson, Jimmy Robledo, Sandra Rosford, Allen Sallee, Hyman Sauer, Nan Sauer, Albert Torres, Bertha Tumlimson, Ross Whitten and Tanya Yates.

Graduates EHS Class of 1999 that is being inducted into the Mias Amigas Club on Saturday included: Meg Anderson, Gerard Barrera, Catherine Lloyd, Alton Bybee, Idalia Romo, Jose Contreras, Adrian Dominguez, Angela Kelly, Jason Escarcega, Ginger Reynolds, Christy Van Horn, Judith Gamez, Juan Garcia, Ashley Finley, James Mack Holley, Yadira Iglesias, Leland Lacy, Brandon Leggett, April Fuentes, Jennifer Stafford, Hallie Schwiening, Luiz Martinez, Marcellino Martinez, Tony Martinez, Veronica Martinez, Lonnie Middleton, Juan Montalvo, Jr., Delores Moreno, Brandy Nixon, Gene Nixon, Dustin Nolan, Jeff Parker, Victor Pina, Yvonne Rodriguez, Juan Romo, Victor Saldivar, Daniel Sanchez, Mary Sanchez, Antonio Sandate, Andrew Sauer, Angela Ballew, Levona Lloyd, Katey Lively, Melissa Andrews, Armando Villavicenicio, Jay Wagner, Andrea Aguilar, Hannah Wolfe and Tyler Robledo.