Eldorado Lady Eagles Powerlifters opened the 2022 season with a first place finish at the Steer Invitational in Big Spring on Saturday, January 8th.

In addition to claiming the team gold, Yatzari Narvaez and Myranda Guerrero each earned honors with Narvaez being named Best Lifter on the heavy platform and Guerrero on the light platform.

In all, 12 Lady Eagles placed in the top 10 in their division from a field of 129 lifters.

According to powerlifting Coach Christopher Castleman, the following girls have qualified for Regionals by reaching the qualifying total for their weight class: Myranda Guerrero, Yatzari Narvaez, Alejandra Alegria and Natalia Coronado.

Individual results include:

• Angelica Aranda, 2nd, 105 Weight Class, 485 lbs;

• Amanda Cortez, 5th, 105 Weight Class, 430 lbs;

• Myranda Guerrero, 1st, 114 Weight Class, 700 lbs;

• Minelly Montes, 8th, 114 Weight Class, 520 lbs;

• Alejandra Alegria, 1st, 123 Weight Class, 695 lbs;

• Natalia Coronado, 2nd, 123 Weight Class, 685 lbs;

• Alexis Martinez, 5th, 123 Weight Class, 570 lbs;

• Addison Triplett, 8th, 132 Weight Class, 450 lbs;

• Robbi Martinez, 4th, 148 Weight Class, 715 lbs;

• Perla Contreras, 3rd, 165 Weight Class, 705 lbs;

• Naomi Martinez, 9th, 165 Weight Class, 620 lbs; and

• Yatzari Narvaez, 1st, 181 Weight Class, 985 lbs.

Eldorado High School’s Powerlifting Meet is slated for Saturday, January 22nd.

Eagles Powerlifters Compete in Big Spring

Ernesto Nava placed first in the 308 Weight Class with a total lift of 1,400 lbs. as the Eldorado lifters competed in the Steer Invitational Powerlifting Meet at Big Spring on Saturday, January 8th.

The Eagles, coached by Christopher Castleman,  placed seventh as a team from among a field of 151 lifters. 

Individual results include:

• Jasi Galindo, 5th, 123 Weight Class, 655 lbs;

• Marcos Morin; 9th,132 Weight Class, 660 lbs;

• Jose Contreras, 5th, 148 Weight Class, 845 lbs;

• Aizik Soto, 12th, 165 Weight Class, 900 lbs;

• Garrett Porter, 7th, 198 Weight Class, 980 lbs;

• Zaid Hernandez, 8th, 198 Weight Class, 880 lbs;

• Vinny Pina, 7th, 242 Weight Class, 1,225 lbs;

• Braxton Elias, 13th, 242 Weigh Class, 1,090 lbs;

• Seth Parker, 19th, 242 Weight Class, 960 lbs; and

• Austin Kotsch, 12th, 275 Weight Class, 1,065 lbs. 

Eldorado High School is scheduled to host its own powerlifting meet on Saturday, January 22, 2022.