Weldon Reed "Donny" Leek
Weldon Reed "Donny" Leek

Weldon Reed “Donny” Leek, 47, of Fort McKavett was shot and killed Thursday, May 14th, following an hours-long standoff with law enforcement officers at his home in eastern Schleicher County.

An affidavit, filed in request of an arrest warrant, depicted a chaotic scene at the residence occupied by Leek and his parents, Walter Roy and Betty Havins Leek, on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 13th. (SEE AFFIDAVIT HERE)

When Leek became angry with another person on social media, his parents intervened and advised him to disengage from the situation, the affidavit stated.

Leek then became angry with his parents and the disagreement then spilled into the front yard of the family’s home where, according to the affidavit, the mother struck Leek in the face with her hand.

Leek reportedly went back into the residence and returned with a firearm which he discharged into the air and into the ground in the presence of his parents.

When the couple attempted to leave so that Leek could calm down, he fired the weapon at their vehicle, damaging a tire so they could not leave, the affidavit said.

At that point, the couple hid from their son and called 9-1-1 to report the incident.

Schleicher County Chief Deputy Jason Chatham responded to the scene and called for backup, as well as assistance from Menard County. Several units from both Sheriff’s offices responded to the call, along with DPS troopers and Texas game wardens.

Upon arriving at the ranch, law enforcement officers located Leek’s parents and took them to safety, before setting up a perimeter around a home on the property.
Ambulances from Schleicher and Menard counties staged near the home, in case they were needed.

Meanwhile, two deputies from Sutton County were on patrol in Eldorado as Schleicher County officers were involved in the standoff.

As late afternoon gave way to evening, a Texas Ranger had arrived at the scene. More officers would soon arrive and they tried to convince Leek to lay down his weapons and surrender.

But, Leek would have none of it. He went on social media where he live-streamed videos of himself hurling disparaging remarks at law enforcement officers in general, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in particular, who he called a tyrant on wheels. Leek also complained about the state’s coronavirus response, the high cost of beef, and people in Menard County with whom he has had heated exchanges on social media.

Leek said he suffered from depression and anxiety, and he spoke of his willingness to do battle with law enforcement officers, who he claimed only wanted to kill people.

Leek, clad in camouflage combat gear, displayed weapons and ammunition on his video and even showed himself firing at a drone that was hovering overhead.

By Thursday morning, May 14th, numerous law enforcement officers were on scene, including Texas Rangers, DPS troopers, Texas game wardens, DPS Special Response team and a DPS SWAT team from Austin. Also on scene was an armored vehicle that appeared to be a Lenco Bearcat.

By mid-morning on Thursday, the officers made another attempt at negotiating with Leek. That’s when he reportedly opened fire on the lawmen.

When officers returned fire, Leek was struck by a single bullet and died at the scene.

At about 10:57 a.m., and shortly after the exchange of gunfire, an officer could be heard over the radio saying to cancel a call for a paramedic.

There were no other injuries reported during 17-hour incident.

Schleicher County Chief Deputy Jason Chatham, who had been the first to reach the scene, remained there throughout the day on Thursday as investigators collected evidence and processed the scene.