County roads was one of the main topics discussed during the Tuesday, October 9th meeting of the Schleicher County Commissioners Court.

The recent heavy rains have kept the Schleicher County Road Department busy repairing severe damage to several county roads.

County Road 350 was the main topic of discussion. Some of the commissioners do not understand why the road is not closed.

Kirk Griffin, commissioner of Precinct 3, noted that one of the adjacent property owners did not want the road closed but was willing for the county to put up a temporary fence while repairs are in progress.

Griffin informed the court that part of the road needed to be completely redone with the installation of a concrete water crossing be installed similar to the one installed on County Road 220 a few years ago.

There was discussion of closing just the damaged portion of CR 350, but no action was taken.

Commissioner Johnny Mayo suggested the county hire a contractor to repair some of the damage to help the county crews catch up. Kirk Griffin suggested a bid notice be prepared for specific repairs, if the county opts to pursue that option.

It was noted that CR 350 damage is the worst damaged, but other roads are damaged, including pavement that is coming up.

Johnny Mayo reported that roads in Precinct #1 roads are in good shape except for a spot on CR 114.

Commissioner Kirk Griffin suggested some of the road crew be instructed on using the new CC mix.

County Treasurer Jennifer Henderson advised that 98 percent of 2017 property tax has been collected with $37,000 still outstanding. A collection agency is being used to recover the money.

Henderson noted that $93,600 is available in the road department and more maybe coming from the state. Henderson also presented her Quarterly Report along with other fund reports.

It was noted that the commissioners held a brief meeting on Friday, October 5th to handle payroll.

A request for the use of county facilities for military training exercises during 2019 was approved.

County Judge Charlie Bradley presented the County Library rules and policies to the court. It was noted that the commissioners have some say in the library’s operating procedures but not on rules and policies. No action was taken on the matter.

The commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service regarding county information technology services.

Judge Bradley presided over Tuesday’s meeting with Commissioners Matt Brown, Lynn Meador, Johnny Mayo and Kirk Griffin in attendance.