The Schleicher County Commissioners Court met on Monday, November 16th, 2020 and discussed options for coming up with money needed to fund projects for the Eldorado Volunteer Fire Department.

The fire department needs to purchase new batteries, and repair pumps on some of its trucks. The county’s share of the repairs is said to be about $2,500. The commissioners voted unanimously to find the funds and help with the repairs.

The commissioners also discussed options for dealing with issues on CR 238. County Judge Charlie Bradley brought up the situation with the road and mentioned problems with people speeding on it, as well as others running off the roadway, particularly on a curve. The judge said the county will be exploring options to address the concerns, including lowering the speed limit on the road, or possibly installing speed “humps.” It was also mentioned that any changes would require new signage. No vote was taken on the matter as it was agreed that further study was needed.

Representatives of the Six Mile Ranch petitioned the county recently to close the road since the entire length of the roadway passes through the ranch as it connects US 190 with CR 245. Neighbors protested the potential closure, and the commissioners opted to keep it open. The commissioners now appear ready to try and address concerns associated with the road.

Judge Bradley also led the commissioners as they canvassed the votes cast during the November 3rd General Election. Finding no errors, the commissioners voted to certify the election returns.

In other business, the commissioners discussed and approved the county’s financial reports. They also authorized the renewal of a contract for financial record-keeping software.

Discussion also turned to a lease for Schleicher County School Lands in Gaines County. It was noted the surface lease on the land expires at the end of the year and the commissioners agreed to extend the lease for another five years.

Schleicher County oversees the land in Gaines County on behalf of Schleicher County ISD and reserves proceeds from surface leases, as well as oil and gas leases, for the school district.

At one point, the commissioners went behind closed doors for an executive session to discuss personnel matters. When they returned to open session, the commissioners agreed to hire a temporary office clerk in order to help with short-staffing at the jail.

It was agreed that the county’s representatives on the Texas Historical Committee will remain the same. It was also noted that the State of Texas is requiring all persons working in the County Clerk’s Office to be fingerprinted and have those fingerprints kept on file. The move is necessary for the office to issue certain documents such as marriage licenses and birth certificates.

It was also explained that Judge Bradley and County Treasurer Jennifer Henderson have completed all of their hours of training as required by the Texas Public Funds Act.

Judge Bradley presided over Monday’s meeting with Commissioners Johnny Mayo and Steve Nelson in attendance. Commissioners Kirk Griffin and Chris Meador were absent.

Also on hand were County Clerk Mary Ann Gonzalez and Precinct #1 Commissioner-elect Gary Gibson.

The next meeting of the Schleicher County Commissioners Court is slated for 9 a.m. on Monday, November 30th at the Civic Center.