By Jon Cartwright

Eldorado Golf Club president Ronnie Sauer, greens-keeper Billy Cavness, and Jaime Chancellor had a problem on their hands one hot afternoon last week. They were unable to find the source of an underground water leak flooding the number one fairway, and after a strenuous period of time shoveling through mud, Ronnie pulled out his phone and called Eldorado utilities superintendent Floyd Fay.

“Is there a scientific way of finding an underground water leak?” Ronnie asked. “We do it all the time” replied Floyd, who soon showed up at the course along with a few city hands.

After sizing up the situation and noting that it was well after 4 o’clock, Floyd sent for a backhoe to step up the search. Much to Ronnie and Billy’s relief, the source of the leak was soon uncovered.

They could now repair the leak, but without the city’s help, the number one fairway may still be flooded.