Ricky “Rick” Lynn Fuessel

February 22, 1953 – June 3, 2024


Ricky “Rick” Lynn Fuessel, 71, passed away on June 3, 2024. He was born on February 22, 1953, to Herbert and Lorine Fuessel.
It started with a blind date, New Year’s Eve, some would say love at first sight. We got engaged six weeks later on Valentine’s Day and were married in October 1972. It is almost 52 years later (and they said it wouldn’t last!)
Ricky and his wife Jan had two wonderful daughters. The older, Whitney, is an architect in Houston and works in healthcare design, building hospitals. Lindsay, the younger, is an amazing high school English teacher in Blooming Grove. Ricky was SO proud of his girls!
We have three grandchildren, Rheily, Addyson, Lilly and inherited a bonus granddaughter from Whitney’s husband, Laura who is married and has a son. We love all our grandchildren. Also, our adopted sons, Shay Parker who has been there for both of us over the last several years, and Ram Garza who was always there when we needed him, and ALL Ricky’s boys that have worked for him over the years. He had the pleasure of leading several to know the Lord and was so proud of the men they have become (including the two above).
His mother passed away in March of 2024 and we are sure she was in the front of the receiving line to welcome her son along with his dad. His family consists of Jan’s sister, Jill Eagleston and her husband Mike, Niecy Lori, and nephew Chris and their spouses. I thank them for all their help through this time. Ricky has one brother, Terry, and his wife Christina. He was loved by many uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces, also.
Other family members that first were our friends who have prayed for us over these last months and Ricky loved them for the support they gave the family are Karen Bennie, Tony Akin, Debbie Thompson, Karen Hesse-Smith, and Helen Pfluger.
We have honorary pall bearers (servers): Galen Akin, Shay Parker, Robert Parker, Ram Garza, Mike Eagleston, Glenn Diershke, honorary Charles Pfluger (Dan Pfluger filling in for his dad). They will be serving Ricky’s favorite Junction Cooper’s Bar-B-Q after the service. It was our date every time we came back from our monthly trips to San Antonio. It was his wish to provide his “last supper” with friends and family that he has loved for so many years after the graveside funeral.
Special thank you to Jacob Swindle who came out so many times to get Ricky up from a fall, and to Collier Shurley for taking special care of our precious Boston, Molly, all the staff at Baycrest and Concho Heart Hospice.
Notes from the daughters: It has been a year of many losses but many sweet spots along the way. So thankful for all the bedside time I got with you these last few months, from watching the Jerk, crying together as we said goodbye a couple of weeks ago or when you told me how proud you were of me, time and time again. You were instrumental in creating the woman I am, and I will be forever grateful for you – you are an amazing man. I will miss your wicked humor, your obsessive collection of knives, flashlights, rocks, coins and duct tape and your love for your girls - mom, Lindsay, and me. Love you, Daddy! (Whitney)
Not so long ago, we were talking. You said to me that time was strange, so fast and so slow, and all at once. I agreed, and we talked for a while about time. We always had such good conversations. They meant the world to me. You did so many things that meant the world to me: playing basketball, watching Sci-Fi, working on the farm, and hanging out with the kitties - just to name a few. I learned so much from you and it is all a part of your legacy. So, while time is so fast and so slow, and all at once, so much of you will remain because you are timeless. (Lindsay)
The last nine months have been so difficult with Ricky being in the hospital, and in so much pain. He is finally out of pain and where his heart has always been, walking those streets of gold and fields with no bugs or weeds. IT WAS A WONDERFUL LIFE! (Jan)
Contributions and memorials can be made to Meals for the Elderly of San Angelo and Eldorado First Baptist Church.
Funeral Service will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday June 7, 2024, at Schleicher County Cemetery Chapel, 888 US Hwy 190 West, Eldorado, TX 76936.
Family and friends can share online condolences at www.harper-funeralhome.com