Saturnino Villanueva Lopez -- | BOOKING PHOTO
Saturnino Villanueva Lopez -- | BOOKING PHOTO

Saturnino Villanueva Lopez, 49, of Wilson, Texas, spent the night in the Schleicher County Jail last week on a charge of littering after he tore up a warning ticket and threw it on the roadway.

Chief Deputy Jason Chatham stopped Lopez on Wednesday, October 2nd for speeding in the school zone on North Divide Street in Eldorado.
Chatham said that Lopez became argumentative and said that he  had seen a speed limit sign indicating 30 miles-per-hour.

When the deputy pointed out that the 20 mile-per-hour school zone was active, Lopez advised that he was unwilling to pay a fine.

Chatham says went on to issue a paper warning ticket to Lopez for the speeding violation.

Lopez then returned to his pickup while tearing the ticket to pieces. Lopez then threw the destroyed ticket out the window of his pickup as he abruptly accelerated and sped away, slinging loose gravel behind his vehicle.

At that point, Chatham pursued Lopez, pulled him over again, and arrested him for littering.

When Lopez refused to sign a ticket for littering, he was arrested and appeared before Justice of the Peace Phil Edmiston. Lopez then refused to pay a fine for littering and he was booked into the Schleicher County Jail. He was released the next day.