Charles Ewing, 65, of San Angelo, was taken by AirMed-1 helicopter on Sunday, July 11th, to Shannon Hospital in San Angelo where he is recovering from a bee attack that occurred in a pecan orchard southwest of Eldorado.

Ewing was reportedly operating an open-cab dozer at the Eldorado Pecan Orchard when he was swarmed by highly aggressive honey bees. He sustained repeated stings to his head and neck and was unable to get off the dozer.

Ewing used his cell phone to call 9-1-1, but the signal was picked up by a cell tower in Sutton County, so the call was routed to the Sutton County Sheriff’s Office in Sonora.

First responders were dispatched from Sonora, but when they realized the bee attack was actually in Schleicher County, they notified the Schleicher County Sheriff’s Office and emergency units were also dispatched from Eldorado.

The two sets of first responders reached the scene at about the same time. Eldorado firefighters sprayed foam on the dozer, and the bees swarming around it, allowing Schleicher County Sheriff Jason Chatham and Texas Game Wardens Chris Frey and Derrick Rogers to lift Ewing from the dozer.

The Schleicher County EMS ambulance was reportedly blocked in by onlookers and other emergency vehicles, so Ewing was placed in the Sutton County EMS ambulance for transport to Schleicher County Medical Center where he was transferred to the AirMed-1 helicopter for transport to San Angelo.

Ewing was hospitalized at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo where he was reported to be in stable condition on Monday, July 12th.