The Schleicher County ISD board of trustees met Monday, evening, January 10th and voted to approve a plan that changes the way trustees are elected.

The board ditched the current plan that included five single-member-districts with two at-large seats. Instead, the trustees adopted a 4-3 plan with four single member districts that are identical to Schleicher County’s four commissioner precinct boundaries, along with three at-large seats.

Along with the vote to adopt the 4-3 plan, the board had to decide how to allocate the seven board seats to its current members. Trustees Fidel Herrera, Michelle Mynatt, Lupe Sanchez and Kurtis Homer will represent single-member-districts 1-4, respectively. Meanwhile, Glyn Hutto , Melissa Rodriguez and Sam Luedecke will each hold an at-large seat.

It was noted that Homer and Rodriguez will be facing re-election in May.

Austin attorney Sara Leon was on hand to review the plans with the board and to discuss options for redrawing the boundary lines on the district’s current 5-2 plan, as well as converting to the 4-3 scheme that the board ultimately chose to adopt.

COVID-19 Impact

Superintendent Robert Gibson told the school board that the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is being felt at the school with 25 students having tested positive for the virus. It was noted that other “routine” illnesses are also affecting the school. Gibson explained that there were a total of 71 absences on Monday, January 10th.

Gibson explained that under current legal guidelines the district cannot require students to wear masks. “We can strongly suggest they wear a mask, but we can’t make them do it,” he said.

Gibson went on to explain that the school has no plans to implement remote learning or curtail in-person instruction. “The only thing that might change that is if we don’t have enough teachers or staff,” he added. That very situation came up the following day, leading to the cancellation of classes until Monday, January 17th.

Employment Decisions

The board approved the district’s financial reports as well as the minutes of the December 13, 2021 regular meeting. They also voted to call for a trustee election on May 7, 2022, before going into executive session to discuss personnel matters.

The trustees returned to open session after a few minutes behind closed doors and voted unanimously to approve a two-year contract for Superintendent Robert Gibson. They also approved the hiring of Valerie Garcia as a Head Start instructor before adjourning the meeting.

Board Vice President Glyn Hutto presided over the meeting with trustees Lupe Sanchez, Michelle Mynatt, Melissa Rodriguez and Sam Luedecke in attendance. Board President Kurtis Homer and trustee Fidel Herrera were absent.

The next meeting of the SCISD board of trustees is slated for 6 p.m. on Monday, February 14th in the SCISD board room.