The first thing to be made clear is that in the United States of America there is not a meat shortage, there is a shortage of live animals being turned into a protein source to be available at your typical grocery retailer.

Furthermore, there were animals being raised for slaughter before the pandemic hit the world. Therefore, these animals are still out there and ready for the market but cannot be sold or processed in the planned or typical fashion an American rancher would utilize.

With that being said, some of the large processing plants are beginning to reopen and begin processing again this week. Therefore, the shortage of meat in your typical retailers’ shelves should not last too much longer.

Families could use this time to get some of the meat out of their freezers instead of looking for meat to purchase. If families need meat and are unable to find any at the grocery stores or are unable to afford the skyrocketing prices, there may be some other options that would benefit families and ranchers in the area.

Ranchers in the area may have some calves, lambs or goat kids that are available for purchase and ready to slaughter. There are harvest facilities in the area that may have some dates available, however many harvest facilities may be booked for a few months in advance.

If you have calves, lambs or kids that are ready for harvest or within a couple months of being ready please feel free to send me an email ( or call the office at (325) 853-2132 and we will see if we can find a buyer.

On the other hand, if you’re in need of meat, make contact with me and I will attempt to get you in touch with a rancher so y’all can hopefully come to an agreement.