Eldorado students arrived at school on Friday, February 7th to find an array of law enforcement officers, primarily DPS troopers, at the various entrances to the three campuses, and in the school corridors.

The police presence came in response to a perceived threat to harm Eldorado Middle School students.

Schleicher County ISD Superintendent Robert Gibson explained on Monday that a member of the school staff overheard middle school students talking last Thursday and became concerned that one of them might have been planning a school shooting, or could have possibly been encouraged to carry out such a plan by other students.

The concern was relayed to Eldorado Middle School Principal Ezra Walling and he advised Superintendent Robert Gibson of the situation before meeting with the student along with the student’s parent.

School officials determined the threat was not credible, but was more along the lines of a highly inappropriate joke among a group of students.

Still, school officials opted to err on the side of caution and Superintendent Gibson notified the Schleicher County Sheriff’s Office of the issue.

Middle school students were also talking about the matter and Chief Deputy Jason Chatham explains that those stories had already found their way to law enforcement officers.

“Our department coordinated with the school and with the Texas Department of Public Safety,” Chief Deputy Jason Chatham said on Monday.

When students began arriving for school on Friday, February 7th, they found officers patrolling all three campuses. The morning turned out to be uneventful and school progressed on Friday without incident.

That was not the case, however, on social media, as numbers of posts questioned why parents had not been alerted to keep their children home from school, and why an arrest had not been made.

“Some of the reaction was over the top,” Principal Ezra Walling said. “Yes, we had a disciplinary issue and we dealt with it according to school policy. And...steps were taken to ensure that our students were safe.”

“I walked through the door at 7:20 a.m. last Friday with my two children,” Walling continued. “I would never have done that if I was in any way concerned.”

“The safety and well being of our students comes even before our duty as educators,” Robert Gibson added. “I would never...my staff would never knowingly place a child in danger.”

Deputy Chatham explains that the case remains under investigation with the assistance of Juvenile Probation officers.

District Attorney Allison Palmer will decide if charges will be brought in the case, Chatham explained.

It should be noted that the students involved in the incident are not currently accused of a crime and that disciplinary action in the form of a suspension has been taken in accordance with school policy. The Eldorado Success does not routinely publish the names of the students involved in school disciplinary matters.