Richard Bryan, the senior risk controller for BITCO Insurance, and Joe Favor, representing Trimble Batjer Insurance in San Angelo, were in Eldorado on Wednesday, November 10th to present John E. Meador Construction with the “Excellence in Safety Award for Outstanding Commitment and Dedication to Driving Safety.”

Rita Meador and Matt Lloyd accepted the award on behalf of the company.

The award is presented to insurance customers who promote safe driving habits and have reduced claims within their organization.

Bryan said during the presentation, “John E. Meador Construction demonstrated their willingness to improve fleet and driver safety by implementing a costly fleet tracking system, holding driver safety meetings, taking opportunities to coach drivers about good driving habits and promoting an overall safe driving cultural throughout their ranks. The fleet tracking system is not just for the employees, the ownership and management has also installed the tracking systems in their vehicles. This top down safety approach has had a significant impact on their fleet safety program and their overall safety culture. The impact of fleet safety not only helps them, the safe driving habits of their drivers also helps to protect other drivers they encounter on the roadways in West Texas. Please join us in congratulating John Meador Construction for their excellence in safety and their commitment to fleet and driver safety.”