After several days without a positive COVID-19 test attributed to Schleicher County, five new cases were reported this week, bringing Schleicher County’s total to 45 with 22 said to have recovered.

On Wednesday, July 29th, the weekly report from Schleicher County Medical Center listed two positive PCR tests on female patients. One of them was in her 30s while the other was in her 80s.

Also on Wednesday, July 29th, the daily report issued by the San Angelo Health Department listed two Hispanic females, one in her 20s and one in her 50s. They each received an antigen test, one of the two types of tests administered in San Angelo.

Two days earlier, San Angelo reported a positive result for a Hispanic female in her 30s, also on an antigen test.

Positive antigen tests are believed to be highly reliable, while negative antigen tests are not as trustworthy, and usually require a followup PCR test.

PCR and antigen tests are the conventional nasal swab tests that test differently for the virus.

Among Schleicher County’s 45 positive cases, are 21 recoveries, and one death, a Hispanic male in his 70s who died in a San Angelo hospital on July 6th.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is changing the way it tracks coronavirus/COVID-19 deaths, significantly impacting the totals for some counties, while not affecting others.

For example, the state’s website listed a death on Tuesday for Sutton County – the county’s first COVID-19 death. But, that death apparently occurred on July 11th in the Crockett County Care Center nursing home in Ozona. That was the day Crockett County recorded its first COVID-19 death, an elderly male long-time resident of the nursing home. But, the man was originally from Sonora and now the death is apparently being attributed to Sutton County.

A spreadsheet listing COVID-19 deaths by county now shows a death for Sutton County on July 11th.

A similar, but reverse, situation involves the nursing home in Crane where 10 deaths were reported early in the outbreak. Those deaths remained on the state’s website for weeks. Then this week, the total declined from 10 to two.

Calls to the Department of State Health Services seeking an explanation were not returned on Wednesday. The Success will continue to pursue the information in an effort to provide you with the most accurate data available.

The DSHS reported on Tuesday that 257 tests have been conducted on Schleicher County residents. That compares to 313 in Crockett, 191 in Reagan, 185 in Upton, 218 in Concho, 270 in Menard and 11,487 in Tom Green County.

136 tests were reported in Sutton County on Tuesday, but the National Guard returned to Sonora on Wednesday for the third round of testing in that community.

Of the state’s 254 counties, only four rural counties remain without a reported case of COVID-19. Those counties, and their county seats include Loving - Mentone, Sterling - Sterling City, Borden - Gail, and King - Guthrie.