There has been no shortage of controversy about the paint job on the City of Eldorado’s new water tower ever since the 100,000 gallon tower was erected on Thursday, October 24th. Work continues on the piping inside the tower section that supports the spherical tank.

The “Eldorado Eagles” lettering on the tank is wrong on a couple of counts, according to Mayor George Arispe.

He notes that the lettering does not match the style of the block lettering on the city’s north water tower, and it does not align so that it can be viewed by motorists on Divide Street.

The street runs from the northeast to the southwest while the lettering, which was painted while the tank was still on the ground, faces east and west.

Arispe explains that the lettering is also too high on the tank and needs to be lowered so that it more closely aligns with the center of the tank. He said the current lettering is poorly done with the letter D looking more like an O on one side of the tank.

Arispe said that the lettering will be repainted. A portion of the tower section that could not be painted when it was laying on the ground, will also be painted.

Public reaction was swift as soon as The Success posted a photo of the tank online. One commenter on Facebook compared the lettering to something a kindergartener might have done.

City Secretary Melissa Truelove explains that city council members were told by  Tom Brown, the engineer who designed the tank, the lettering would be just like the lettering on the north tower and would include an image of an eagle.

Now, however, it appears there will be no eagle, or any other type of graphic, painted on the tank. “Tom Brown says that the CDBG funds we received will not pay for painting an eagle,” Truelove said on Tuesday.