Texas Game Warden Chris Frey and Schleicher County Deputy Jeremy Hayes this week investigated a case involving five dogs that were found shot and killed Saturday on FM 2596 (McIntosh Road,) approximately 10 miles southeast of Eldorado.

Social media posts about the incident were accompanied by a photo depicting the dead dogs. The post claimed the animals were all shot in the head.

Frey says the dead dogs were found along the highway right-of-way and a subsequent investigation determined that the owner of the dogs had killed the dogs when they became aggressive toward a child.

“The owner decided to dispatch the dogs fearing someone would be bitten and then discarded them on the side of the road,” Frey said in a statement to The Success on Tuesday.

“There is no criminal offense for an owner to humanely dispatch their dog, however it is illegal to dispose of them on a highway right-of-way,” Frey continued. “Two cases of illegal dumping were filed in Justice of the Peace Phil Edmiston’s court and the dogs are now properly disposed of.”

Justice of the Peace Phil Edmiston explained on Wednesday that he received Class-C misdemeanor citations in the case issued to Dawn Engdahl and Richard Quick.