A one-vehicle rollover was reported to the Schleicher County Sheriff’s Office at 2:41 a.m. on Tuesday, just north of Meador Draw on U.S. Highway 277.

Officers arrived to find a gray Toyota mini-van upside down in the roadway. An elderly woman was trapped inside the van. Schleicher County ff Deputy Jon Sandell, and EMT T.J. Rodriguez were first to arrive at the scene. The Eldorado Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to help extract the passenger.

According to those on scene, the van’s driver choked while snacking on Takis chips, causing him to lose control of the van. There were three adults and three children in the van. Two Schleicher County EMS ambulances were dispatched to the scene and at least one victim was transported to Schleicher County Medical Center.

No other information is available at this time. A DPS Trooper was called from Sonora to investigate the accident.