Eldorado High School UIL Teams won it’s very 1st Place Sweepstakes. Science, Current Event, Literary Criticism and Social Studies Teams placed 1st.

Eldorado High School UIL Academics teams traveled to Irion County I.S.D. in Mertzon Friday, January 31st where they competed among 17 schools. Irion County is the third UIL Academic Meet.

Eldorado High School will host District 7-2A UIL Academic Meet, Saturday, March 28th.

Awards at the Irion County meet were as follows:

Science - Individual Awards - 1st Place - Aidan Dennis, 3rd Place - Ben McGee, 1st Place Team - (Aidan Dennis, Ben McGee, Natalie Fuentes, and Jonathan McGee)

Top Biology - Aidan Dennis

Current Events - Individual Awards - 1st Place - Braedon McCants, 1st Place Team (Braedon McCants, Jaun Nava, Levi Sullivan, Lindy Sanchez)

Literary Criticism - Individual Awards - 3rd Place - Kelsey Stanford, 4th Place - Logan Moore, 6th Place - Ashlyn Porter, 1st Place Team (Logan Moore, Kelsey Stanford, Ashlyn Porter, and Jozee Lloyd)

Social Studies - Individual Awards - 2nd Place, Sam Griffin, 1st Place Team (Sam Griffin, Juan Nava, Santiago Hernandez, and Jackie Cortez)

Computer Applications - Individual Awards - 2nd Place - Edgar Muniz

News Writing - Individual Awards - 2nd Place - Ashlyn Porter

Copy Editing - Individual Awards - 6th Place - Skylen Escarcega

Editorial Writing - Individual Awards - 2nd Place - Jocelyn Massey

Persuasive Speaking - Individual Awards - 5th Place - Juan Nava

Informative Speaking - Individual Awards - 2nd Place - Levi Sullivan, 5th Place - Ernesto Nava

Ready Writing - 3rd Place - Codee Meador

Accounting - Individual Awards - 4th Place - Lindy Sanchez, 2nd Place Team (Lindy Sanchez, Santiago Hernandez, and Damian Romo)

Mathematics - Individual Awards - 2nd Place - Braedon McCants, 5th Place - Ben McGee, 2nd Place Team (Braedon McCants, Ben McGee, Jadyn Martinez, and Tanner Capps)

Prose - Individual Awards - 4th Place - Kathryn Shipman

Poetry - Individual Awards - 5th Place - Nautika Pina

Computer Science - Individual Awards - 4th Place - Braedon McCants, 2nd Place Team (Braedon McCants, Tanner Capps, Skylen Escarcega and Jose Contreras)