The Eldorado City Council met Monday, September 12th, at which time Mack Redish took the oath of office as a council member in Ward #1.

The council approved the consent agenda as well as the minutes of the August 8th regular meeting and the August 29th special meeting. They also approved payment of the city’s current bills.

Civil engineer Tom Brown advised the council that the city’s grant writer wants to again publish a call for bids on the proposed sewer system upgrade in the Glendale Addition. He noted that the project has gone out for bids twice this year, but no contractors have submitted bids. The council gave their permission to advertise for bids.

City Secretary Karla Reyes updated the council on the possibility of selling some lots the city owns in town. She noted that an individual has expressed interest in purchasing a lot downtown. Reyes said that the matter has been referred to an attorney to research the process the city must follow in order to sell real property.

Reyes noted that two city ordinances need updating. Ordinance 104-01 pertains to weeds, junk, objectionable and/or unsanitary matter as well as code enforcement. Meanwhile, Ordinance 105-91 pertains to junked or abandoned vehicles in the city.

The council directed Reyes to offer proposed amendments to the ordinances at the council’s next meeting.

Utility Superintendent Floyd Fay reported that water usage is up 40% in the city. Fay also asked that citizens be reminded that the city provides animal control, including an animal impound facility, not an animal shelter for keeping stray cats and dogs. He noted that any animals that are picked up by the city’s animal control officer must be claimed by their owners within three days along with payment of fees and fines. Otherwise, the animals will be euthanized.

Mayor George Arispe presided over Monday’s meeting with all council members present. The next meeting of the Eldorado city council is slated for 6 p.m. on Monday, October 10th in the council chamber at City Hall.