Eldorado High School hosted the 2021 Plateau Relays on Thursday, March 25th at Larry Mitchel Stadium. Eldorado, Christoval, Miles and Winters participated.

Eldorado’s varsity boys and girls teams, as well as the JV boys team, placed second in the meet. The JV girls team placed fourth.

The team of Robbi Martinez, Jessica Garcia, Dasani Rios and Logan Prater placed first in the 4x200 meter relays with a time of 1:52.09. They improved their time by six full seconds, according to Coach Kelsey Fillmon.

Jessica Garcia placed first in the 110 meter hurdles it was her first try at the event. Meanwhile, Cooper Meador placed first in the triple jump. Meador and his teammates Jonathan McGee and Korbin Covarrubiaz each recorded a person best distance in the triple jump.

Team and individual placings for the Eagles and Lady Eagles follow below.

Varsity Girls

Team Totals: 1st. Christoval: 270; 2nd. Eldorado: 130; 3rd. Miles: 58; 4th. Winters: 30.

Discus: Nyomi Aranda, 5th, 68’ 1 1/2”.

Shot Put: Yatzari Narvaez, 3rd, 27’5”; Nyomi Aranda, 4th, 27’ 1 1/2”.

Triple Jump: Logan Prater, 2nd, 33’9 1/2”.

100M: Angel Baker, 5th, 14:18; Skylen Escarcega, 6th, 14:24.

200M: Logan Prater, 1st, 27.14.

400M: Angelica Aranda, 2nd, 1:15.54; Jocelyn Massey, 3rd, 1:17.53; Karen Esparza, 4th, 1:17.69

800M: Jocelyn Massey, 3rd, 3:02.62; Karen Esparza, 4th, 3:03.75.

1600M: Jessica Garcia, 1st, 6:01.97.

3200M: Jocelyn Massey. 4th, 14:34; Ashlee Flynn, 6th, 15:13.

110M Hurdles: Logan Prater, 1st, 16.65.

300M Hurdles: Jessica Garcia, 1st, 52.00.

4x100M Relay: Angelica Aranda, Skylen Escarcega, Myranda Guerrero, 3rd, 56.55.

4x200M Relay: Robbi Martinez, Jessica Garcia, Dasani Rios, Logan Prater, 1st, 1:52.09.

JV Girls

Team Totals: 1st. Christoval: 109; 2nd. Miles: 59; 3rd. Winters: 52; 4th. Eldorado: 42.

Discus: Gracie Martin, 3rd 53’5”; Takoda Engdahl, 4th, 53’2”.

Shot Put: Gracie Martin, 4th, 22’ 1/2”; Takoda Engdahl, 5th, 17’ 2 1/2”.

Long Jump: Jackie Cortez, 3rd, 10’11”.

200M: Irene Suarez, 2nd, 33:21.

400M: Jasmine Castro, 3rd, 1:19.84.

4x200M Relay: Destany Alanis, Alajandra Alegria, Taylor Threet, Irene Suarez, 3rd, 2:15.34.

Varsity Boys

Team Totals: 1st. Christoval: 189; 2nd. Eldorado: 153; 3rd. Miles: 118; 4th. Winters: 110.

Discus: Davis Barajas, 2nd, 103’; Ernesto Nava, 4th, 96’5 3/4”.

Shot Put: Vinny Pina, 5th, 40 1 1/2”.

Pole Vault: Jonathan McGee, 3rd, 9’6”.

High Jump: Aidan Dennis, 1st, 5’4”; Damian Romo, 3rd, 5’2”; Nino Tambunga, 5th, 5’2”.

Triple Jump: Cooper Meador, 1st, 42’ 1 1/2”; Korbin Covarrubiaz, 2nd, 41’ 4 1/2”.

Long Jump: Nino Tambunga, 1st, 19’6 1/2”. Korbin Covarrubiaz, 2nd, 19’3”.

100M: Santiago Hernandez, 1st, 11:56.

200M: Jonathan McGee, 1st, 23:28; Nino Tambunga, 5th, 24.44.

800M: Jonathan McGee, 2:17.78.

110M Hurdles: Cooper Meador, 2nd, 18.24; Damian Romo, 3rd, 19.96.

300M Hurdles: Korbin Covarrubiaz, 2nd, 46.09, Damian Romo, 3rd, 46.43.

4x200M Relay: Cooper Meador, Nino Tambunga, Korbin Covarrubiaz, Jonathan McGee, 1st, 1:34.34.

JV Boys

Team Totals: 1st. Christoval: 135; 2nd. Eldorado: 122; 3rd. Winters: 50; 4th. Miles: 35.

Discus: Jonathan Gutierrez, 1st, 86 10 1/2”.

Shot Put: Raul Iglesias, 1st, 38’ 1 1/2”; Garrett Porter, 6th, 34’9 1/2”.

Pole Vault: Mario Arispe, 1st, 9’6”.

High Jump: Mario Arispe, 1st, 5’2”.

Triple Jump: Jason Covarrubiaz, 1st, 34’1”.

Long Jump: Marcos Morin, 1st, 18”5”; Paul Luna, 2nd, 16’9”; Jason Covarrubiaz, 3rd, 15’9”.

100M: Jason Covarrubiaz, 1st, 12.42; Aizik Soto, 4th, 12.93.

200M: Garrett Porter, 1st, 26.78.

800M: Jordan Blackmon, 3rd, 2:34.22.

1600M: Jordan Blackmon, 1st, 6:10.37.

3200M: Jordan Blackmon, 1st, 13:25.

4x100M Relay: Marcos Morin, Jason Covarrubiaz, 1st, 47.92.

2x200M Relay: Marco Morin, Jason Covarrubiaz, 2nd, 1:44.81.