Eldorado Middle School students, Paul Luna and Alondra Garcia, took advantage of online learning to earn high school credit while still in middle school.

Both students have completed Spanish I and are well on their way to finishing Spanish II.

Working hard during elective time, and at home using their SCISD Chromebooks, the pair will have two full credits by the end of one academic year.

Entering high school with course credits opens up options such as earning additional industry certifications, obtaining college credits toward a degree, or having an option for a work-study experience as seniors.

“My goal is to graduate early,” Luna explained.

Garcia described how this provides choices for her. “It might give me a chance to get a job my senior year,” she said.

Garcia and Luna are the first middle school students, other than Algebra I classes, to earn advanced credit while attending EMS.

“I’m proud of the hard work and dedication that Paul and Alondra put towards their academic goals,” Eldorado Middle School Principal Ezra Walling said. “I look forward to watching them excel in high school in the years to come.”