Eldorado High School’s UIL Academics team is the district champion after winning the District 7-2A Meet on Saturday, March 27th in Wink.

The next round of competition for those advancing beyond district will be the UIL Region I Academic Meet at West Texas A&M University in Canyon on Friday, April 16th.

Team and individual placings for the EHS students are listed below.

District 7-2A UIL Academic Meet
Eldorado High School
District Champions

Accounting - 2nd Place Team - Jazmin Clifton, Santiago Hernandez, Robbi Martinez, Ricky Romo.

Individual -Tie- Jazmin Clifton and Ricky Rome.

Calculator Applications - 2nd Place Team - Tanner Capps, Jose Contreras, Jadyn Martinez, Reynaldo Pasillas.

Individual - Tanner Capps 1st.

Computer Applications - Maryssa Guerrero 1st, Robbie Martinez 2nd, Braxton Elias 5th.

Computer Science - 1st Place Team: Skylen Escarcega, Raul Iglesias, Yordy Oilvan, Braedon McCants. Individual- Braedon McCants 2nd, Yordy Olivan 5th.

Copy Editing - Jozee Lloyd 2nd, Colten Wheeler 6th.

Current Events - 1st Place Team: Marshall Faull, Cooper Meador, Juan Nava,

Levi Sullivan. Individual- Marshall Faull, 2nd, Juan Nava, 3rd.

News Writing - Jocelyn Massey, 2nd, Destiny Alanis, 3rd, Jordan Blackmon, 6th.

Editorial Writing - Jocelyn Massey 2nd, Angelica Aranda, 3rd, Avery Adame, 6th.

Feature Writing - Jadyn Martinez, 1st, Takoda Engdahl, 2nd, Heidi Estrada 4th.

Headline Writing - Sissy Coronado, 1st

Ready Writing - Jocelyn Massey, 1st, Kaitlyn Gamez, 3rd, Avery Adame, 5th.

Journalism - 1st Place Team - Avery Adame, Destiny Alanis, Angelica Aranda, Jordan Blackmon, Sissy Coronado, Takoda Engdahl, Heidi Estrada, Myranda Guerrero, Jozee Lloyd, Jadyn Martinez, Jocelyn Massey, Colten Wheeler

Literary Criticism - 2nd Place Team-Jaydyn Doran, Jozee Lloyd, Logan Moore, Liza Morales. Individual -Jozee Lloyd, 2nd. Logan Moore, 5th.

Mathematics - 1st Place Team - Tanner Capps, Mario Hernandez, Braedon McCants, Jadyn Martinez. Individual - Braedon McCants, 1st, Mario Hernandez, 2nd, Tanner Capps, 3rd.

Number Sense - 2nd Place Team -Jacque Cortez, Aidan Dennis, Jonathan McGee, Lucas Sullivan. Individual - Jonathan McGee, 1st, Jackie Cortez, 6th.

Informative Speaking - Levi Sullivan 1st, Seth Parker, 4th.

Persuasive Speaking - Marshall Faull, 2nd.

Poetry Interpretation - Taylor Threet, 1st, Logan Prater, 3rd, Nautika Pina, 5th.

Prose Interpretation - Kelsey Stanford, 1st, Alondra Olivan 3rd, Jessica Garcia, 4th.

Science - 1st Place Team - Aidan Dennis, Natalie Fuentes, Mario Hernandez, Braedon McCants, Jonathan McGee, Logan Moore. Individual- Mario Hernandez, 1st, Aidan Dennis, 2nd, Braedon McCants, 3rd, Logan Moore, 4th, Jonathan McGee, 6th, Top Biology: Mario Hernandez, Top Chemistry: Mario Hernandez, Top Physics: Braedon McCants.

Social Studies - 2nd Place Team - Sam Griffin, Juan Nava, Seth Parker, Ricky Romo. Individual- Seth Parker, 1st, Juan Nava, 2nd.

Speech - 1st Place Team - Jose Contreras, Marshall Faull, Jessica Garcia, Juan Nava, Alondra Olivan, Seth Parker, Logan Prater, Nautika Pina, Kelsey Stanford, Levi Sullivan, Taylor Threet.

Spelling - 2nd Place Team - Karen Esparza, Kaitlyn Gamez, Raul Sanchez, Colten Wheeler. Individual- Raul Sanchez, 2nd.

Event Sponsors: Courtney Triplett – Accounting, Computer Apps, Current Events, Social Studies; Hilary Choate – Science; Kelsey Fillmon – Calculator Applications and Spelling; Rosa Lozano – Ready Writing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Headline Writing, News Writing; Stephanie Wheeler – Feature Writing, Copy Editing, Literary Criticism; James Dougherty – CX Debate, Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking; Luann Shipman – OAP, Poetry, Prose; Gail Stevens – Number Sense; and Lindsey Parker – Computer Science, Math, Science.