Eldorado High School Principal Perry Graves announced this week that the school will be holding a graduation ceremony at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 22nd, at Larry Mitchel Stadium in accordance with guidelines handed down by Governor Greg Abbott.

Graves says he provided a copy of the plan for the ceremony to Schleicher County Judge Charlie Bradley who certified to the state that it complies with state guidelines for graduation programs during the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak.

So far, no one has tested positive in the county for the virus with 25 negative tests recorded.

Strict procedures will be followed during the program, including limited seating on both sides of the football field, as well as seating on the field for each of the graduates and four family members.

The graduates and family groups will be separated on the field in order to observe the government’s social distancing guidelines.

Only invited guests will be allowed into the stadium, with each of the guests entering through specific gates and directed to their assigned seating area.

Students will enter the stadium individually once the audience is seated.

Each graduate will receive their diploma from their parents who will also move the graduate’s tassel across their cap to denote they are leaving high school and transitioning to the next phase of their lives.

SCISD offered the following rules for the program:

• Students and attendees will complete a survey the day before graduation to screen for travel, exposure, and or symptoms;

• Limit attendees to less than 25% of capacity;

• A ticket will be required to enter Larry Mitchel Stadium;

• Each student will be allowed nine guests, including parents;

• Guests must arrive and enter with the stadium with their party;

• Graduates need to be dressed in cap and gown and report directly to the EHS gym;

• Guests will have three designated parking areas and three designated entrance gates based on their seating assignment to prevent congested area;

• Designated graduate seating, providing at least six feet between students;

• Designated parent seating, providing at least six feet between family groups;

• Designated seating for guests, providing at least six feet between guest groups;

• Ceremony participants will adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain six feet apart at all times;

• Contact-less ceremony where parents give out diploma and turn tassel for their child;

• All parking areas, entrance gates, and seating areas will be monitored by EHS staff to ensure attendees are following guidelines;

• Increased law enforcement to help ensure attendees are following guidelines;

• SCISD will dismiss students, parents, and guests systematically as to prevent congestion when leaving the event and to ensure there is not any group socializing at the ceremony;

• EHS will provide a photographer to photograph all graduates and have other guests remain seated throughout the ceremony;

• EHS will set up multiple sanitizing stations at the stadium;

• Restrooms will have soap, sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes available. Main entry doors to restrooms will be propped open to limit contact areas; and

• EHS will use student email, social media, the local newspaper, and Zoom meetings to ensure all students and guests understand these guidelines prior to the ceremony.