The Eldorado City Council met Tuesday, November 12th, and voted to pay $14,915 to Hunter Demolition & Wrecking Corporation as a partial payment for demolishing the city’s old water tower. The council will hold back a portion of the contract amount, however, until a historic plaque and an alarm siren are returned. The council also declined to issue a certificate of completion on the project until its property is returned.

The plaque, pictured at right, was placed on the old tower when it was built in 1930. The siren that was attached to one of the old tower’s legs, was used for decades as a fire and storm alarm.

The council authorized the fourth draw down of contract funds on the city’s new water tower. Phoenix Fabricators & Erectors was paid $69,730. The company will be returning to Eldorado in mid-December to sandblast and repaint portions of the water tower, including the lettering on the tank. The company’s final payment is being withheld until the repainting is complete.

The council voted divide its 185 votes for the Schleicher County Appraisal District board of directors between Schleicher County Commissioners Chris Meador and Steve Nelson.

It was also noted that the Appraisal District had a budget surplus and the council opted to leave its portion with the district as a credit instead receiving a refund.

In other business, the council approved paying $4,000 as its part of holding joint elections in the coming year.

The council then proposed an ordinance amendment which, if adopted, would allow the city to charge a $3 fee for each credit card payment. The council will hold a public hearing on Monday, December 9, 2019 concerning the proposed amendment.

It was noted during the meeting that the city will be conducting an income survey in connection with the Texas Community Development Block Grant program. The city hopes to reallocate grant funds to help pay for sandblasting the city’s ground storage water tank on Hill Street.

The city received $10,800.60 from Dunn Transport for damages to a portion of Old Sonora Road that lies inside the city. The road was damaged by trucks hauling 30-inch diameter pipe to a storage depot south of town on CR 201. The pipe belongs to Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLC.

The company recently amended its permit for its new pipeline, moving the 382-mile route outside of Schleicher County. The pipeline will pass through Midland, Upton, Reagan, Crockett, Val Verde, Kinney, Wilson, Atascosa, Maverick, Zavala, and Frio Counties. The original permit had the pipeline crossing the southwest corner of Schleicher County.

Mayor George Arispe presided over the meeting with council members Paul Rebuck, Wayne McGinnes, Danny Halbert, Vicki Farmer, Mack Redish and Oscar Martinez attending.