The City of Eldorado’s new garbage truck will be delivered in about six weeks, and none too soon. Utility Superintendent Floyd Fay reported Monday night to the city council that both of the city’s garbage trucks are disabled and are being repaired. He advised that water is being pumped from a cell at the landfill due to heavy rains and said that the water is being trucked to the sewer pond.

The new truck and compactor has a 30 cubic yard capacity and is a side-loader like the city’s current trucks. The council voted Monday night to buy the truck at a price of $186,567 from Summit trucks in San Angelo. The purchase will be financed. The decision to call for bids on the new truck came at a special meeting on August 29th. A bid notice appeared in last week’s edition of The Eldorado Success.

With all the recent rain, there was interest about the level of the city’s aquifer. Fay explained that the level in the city’s monitor well is holding at 320.6 feet.

Fay also explained that after the heavy rains and flooding around town, people have open their clean out drains in order to drain their yards into the sewer system. This caused some of the city’s lift stations to be overloaded and shut down. That, in turn, resulted in wastewater backing up in homes and businesses. He noted that a plea was sent out to city residents to close their sewer clean outs and not to use them to drain their yards.

Ty Williams spoke to the council about his purchase of property within the city limits. He requested a variance under city ordinance #105-06 which prohibits private water wells within the city limits. Williams wants to drill a well for watering trees and garden.

Mayor George Arispe noted that the ordinance was adopted in 2006 and said that his opinion was not to grant the ordinance because it would set a precedent for future wells. He added, however, that he was only one member of the council.

After a brief discussion, the request was tabled until the council could explore options and consider a special commercial rate for water used only for agricultural purposes.

Arispe told Williams that he would be notified when a decision is made.

Utility Superintendent Floyd Fay offered to install a tap and a meter for Williams in the city’s six-inch water main.

It was noted that the city’s 2019 budget was adopted and a tax rate was set during a special meeting held at 12 noon on Wednesday, August 29th.

Mayor Arispe presided over Monday’s meeting with council members Oscar Martinez, Danny Halbert, Paul Rebuck, Wayne McGinnes, Mack Redish and Vicki Farmer in attendance.

The next meeting of the Eldorado City Council is slated for 6 p.m. on Monday, October 8th in the council chambers at City Hall.