Eldorado City Council met Monday, May 9th and approved a zoning variance from residential to commercial for 111 Herman Street.

Jessica Fuentes requested the zoning change at the council’s April 11th meeting. The city posted a notice of the request in The Eldorado Success and mailed notices to neighboring property owners.

The only citizen present for the hearing was Frankie Schrier who was representing the Primitive Baptist Church. She said she just wanted to see how the council voted on the request.

Fuentes, who is planning to operate a snow cone stand, agreed to pay commercial rates for utilities.

Jose and Mark Garcia came to speak to the council about an impounded dog, but were not on the agenda. Mayor George Arispe and council listened to the men’s request concerning fines and fees assessed for picking up the animal and housing it at the animal shelter. The men asked for more time to pay the fines before the dog is euthanized.

It was noted that city has picked the dog up twice. Arispe invited the men to place their grievance on the council’s agenda. So far, the fines and fees total $540.

The council then approved a $1 per hour raise for all employees.

In other business, City Secretary Karla Reyes advised the council of a letter from Steven Cardwell of Cedar Park concerning payment for an easement.

She noted that Cardwell had granted an easement to West Texas Gas for a period of five years for the gas line that serves the city to cross his land on County Road 201 (Old Sonora Road) in return for a $10,000 fee plus $2,000 per year.

West Texas Gas agreed to construct a line to the Kinder Morgan pipeline south of town at a cost of $475,000. The city should have that amount paid off by August of 2023.

Reyes advised the council that the right-of-way easement was paid up by West Texas Gas until 2026. After that, the city will be liable for the easement fee.

Two bids were received for repairing the roof at City Hall, but no action was taken on the matter.

Reyes noted that a $9,600 insurance settlement check was received for the 2011 Ford pickup that was destroyed in the April 9th explosion and fire that destroyed the city barn. She noted that a 2013 pickup was purchased as a replacement for $7,300.

No other news has come in from the city’s insurance company concerning paying for the barn, equipment and inventory that was destroyed.

Utility Superintendent Floyd Fay reported the water level in the city’s monitor well is at 315.6 feet.

Fay also noted that the City Wide Cleanup will continue through May 13th with the City Landfill open till 5 p.m. and landfill fees waived.

Mayor George Arispe presided over Monday’s meeting with Council Members Vicki Farmer, Danny Halbert, Wayne McGinnes, Felipe Pina, Mack Redish and Oscar Martinez in attendance.

The next meeting of the Eldorado City Council is slated for 6 p.m. on Monday, June 13th in the council chambers at City Hall.