The Schleicher County Livestock, Project and Food Show was held for the 85th consecutive year on Saturday, January 4, 2020 at the Schleicher County Civic Center.

Golden buckles were given to the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion in each division. The buckles where donated to the livestock show by various local businesses and individuals.

The rabbit judge was Marvin Clark of Ozona while the sheep, steer, heifer, goat and swine judge was Patrick Padgett of Fredericksburg.

This was the first livestock show for the new Schleicher County AgriLife Extension Agent Mark Zoeller. John Osborne, Cory and Gail Stevens, John and Lindsey Parker, Luann and Gary

Shipman, Michael Faull, and other volunteers helped the show progress smoothly.

Things got underway at 9 a.m. on Saturday, with the food show and livestock show.

The Rabbit Show was first with 62 rabbits entered. The show ended with 21 pigs in the Swine Show.

The ever popular Little Britches Show, sponsored by 1st Community Federal Credit Union, followed immediately after judging ended.

The awards portion of the show got underway with Reserve Champion and Grand Champion buckles being presented, as well as Showmanship jackets and certificates.

In a special award presentation, Rico Forlano was given a Top Hand buckle for his many years of volunteering and making the show a success.

A delicious barbecue dinner, sponsored by First National Bank of Eldorado, was served following the awards ceremony. The auction followed the meal.

Senior Showmanship awards went to: Rabbits - Kathryn Shipman; Steers - Sawyer Paxton; Goats - Mason Hutto; Sheep - Emmie Grace Mynatt; and Swine - Seth Parker

Junior Showmanship awards were presented to: Rabbits - Alondra Olivan; Steers - Bradon Criswell; Goats - Wesley Stevens; Sheep - Cade Parker; and Swine - Cade Parker.

Individual results were as follows:


Market Rabbits: Grand Champion- Kathryn Shipman; Reserve Grand Champion - Allison Meador

Market Class 1: Kathryn Shipman, 2. Cirus Shipman, 3. Allison Meador.

Market Class 2: (Single Fryer) 1/2. Kathryn Shipman, 3. Rachel Shipman, 4. Sofia Shipman, 5. Allison Meador.

Market Class 3: ( Senior Market Rabbit) 1. - 6. Allison Meador

Breeding Rabbits: Grand Champion- Ethan Yeager (Class 3) ; Reserve Grand Champion - Kathryn Shipman (Class 7)

Breeding Class 1: ( Mini Lop Senior Bucks) 1. Ethan Yeager, 2. Jaxon Yeager, 3. Jaetn Chancellor, 4. Baeln Chancellor, 5. Jaetn Chancellor, 6. Baeln Chancellor.

Breeding Class 2: ( Mini Lop Senior Does) 1. Ethan Yeager, 2. Jaetn Chancellor, 3. Jaxon Yeager, 4. Baeln Chancellor, 5. Jaetn Chancellor, 6. Baeln Chancellor.

Breeding Class 3: (Holland Lop Bucks 1. Ethan Yeager, 2. & 3. Kathryn Shipman.

Breeding Class 4: (Holland Lop Does) 1. Jaxon Yeager, 2. Baeln Chancellor, 3. Miley Doran, 4. & 5. Kathryn Shipman.

Breeding Class 5: Mini Rex Junior Bucks 1. Kathryn Shipman, 2. Alondra Olivan, 3. Tanner Swinford, 4. Kathryn Shipman.

Breeding Class 6: (Mini Rex Junior Does) 1. Kathryn Shipman, 2. Alondra Olivan, 3. Kathryn Shipman, 4. Sophia Shipman, 5. & 6. Kathryn Shipman.

Breeding Class 7: (Mini Rex Senior Bucks - black, broken, castor) 1. & 2. Kathryn Shipman, 3. & 4. Tanner Swinford.

Breeding Class 8: ( Mini Rex Senior Bucks - Otter, White) 1. Cyrus Shipman, 2. Kathryn Shipman, 3. & 4. Taner Swinford.

Breeding Class 9: (Mini Rex Senior Does black and broken) 1. Kathryn Shipman, 2. Rachel Shipman, 3. Kathryn Shipman, 4. Allison Meador, 5. Kathryn Shipman.

Breeding Class 10: Mini Rex Senior Does - otter and white) 1. 2. & 3. Kathryn Shipman, 4. Taner Swinford, 5. Allison Meador.


Market Steers: Grand Champion - Sawyer Paxton; Reserve Champion - Bradon Criswell.

Market Steers Class 1: 1. Sawyer Paxton, 2. Braden Criswell, 3. Hudson Criswell


Breeding Goats: Grand Champion - Koby Stevens; Reserve Champion - Taner Swinford

Breeding Goats (Kid Goats)

Class 1: 1. Kolby Stevens; 2. & 3. Taner Swinford

Breeding Goats (Yearling Goats)

Class 2: 1. & 2. Taner Swinford

Market Goats: Grand Champion - Mason Hutto; Reserve Champion - Wesley Stevens

Market Goats (Lightweight) Class 1: 1. Bryce Stevens, 2. Brooklyn Truelove, 3. Wyatt Gaitan

Market Goats (Medium Weight) Class 2: 1. Mason Hutto, 2. Wesley Stevens

Market Goats (Heavy Weight)

Class 3: 1. Wesley Stevens


Breeding Sheep Grand Champion - Ryder Ressman; Reserve Grand, Cade Parker

Breeding Sheep (Delaine Marino Lambs) 1. Cade Parker, 2. Kylie Parker

Breeding Sheep (Delaine Marino Yearlings) Class 2. 1. Seth Parker, 2. Cade Parker, 3. Seth Parker.

Breeding Sheep (Delaine Marino Aged) 2. Seth Parker. 1. Cade Parker.

Breeding Sheep (Rambouillet) Class 4: 1. Cade Parker, 2. Seth Parker, 3. & 4. Emmie Grace Mynatt.

Breeding Sheep (Southdowns) Class 5: 1. Ryder Ressman. 2. Cassidy Arendt, 3. Victoria Pina.

Market Sheep - Grand Champion - Will Hausenfluck ; Reserve Champion - Ryder Ressman

Market Sheep (Light Weight Cross) Class1: 1. Victoria Pina

Market Sheep (Medium Weight Cross) Class 2: 1. Ryder Ressman. 2. Caleb Johnson, 3. Sofia Rudewick. Market Sheep ( Heavy Weight Cross) Class 3: 1. Will Hausenfluck

Market Sheep (Dorpers) Class 4: 1. Vinny Pina, 2. Hannah Johnson, 3. Allison Meador,

Market Sheep (Southdowns) Class 5: 1. Ryder Ressman, 2. Ryder Ressman, 3. Cassidy Arendt


Breeding Swine: Grand Champion- Miley Doran; Reserve Champion - Dash Rudewick

Market Swine: Grand Champion - Seth Parker; Reserve Champion - Cade Parker.

No other results available in Swine categories

FOOD SHOW RESULTS: Senior Best of Show, Emmie Grace Mynatt with her Double Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake; Intermediate Best of Show, Cyrus Shipman with his Tres Leche Cake With Fruit and Junior Best of Show, Wesley Stevens with his Cinnamon Rolls.

1st Place Foods: Cassidy Arendt- Senior Pie; Miley Doran - Intermediate Candy; Treyton Pina- Junior Cookies; Maeline Luedecke, Clover Cookies; Bryce Stevens, Clover Cake; and Deliliah Alonso, Junior Cake.

2nd Place Foods: Sawyer Paxton - Senior Cake, Nautika Pina - Senior Cookies; Ryder Ressman - Intermediate Cake; Sofia Rudewick - Intermediate Cookies ; Sophia Shipman - Clover Cake; Baeln Chancellor - Clover Cookies ; Dash Rudewick - Clover Candy.

3rd Place Foods: Bradon Criswell - Junior Cookies; Hudson Criswell - Clover Cake; Koby Stevens- Clover Cookies; Rachel Shipman- Junior Cookies;