Four SCISD staff members, including two high school teachers, one middle school teacher, and a bus driver, tested positive for COVID-19 this week, according to Schleicher County ISD Superintendent Robert Gibson.

They are among 17 new COVID-19 cases reported in Schleicher County in the past week.

Families of SCISD students who may have been affected were contacted and the news of the diagnosis has posted on the school’s website.

The report comes on the heels of last week’s news that a middle school teacher and a middle school student had tested positive.

Gibson explained that the school carried out contact tracing and has notified the families of students who may have been affected.

SCISD’s COVID-19 protocols are being followed, and in-person instruction will continue, Gibson said.

Schleicher County is experiencing a surge in new COVID-19 cases, but the increase in case numbers is not unique to us. Numbers are surging across the nation, even here in West Texas where San Angelo has seen a sharp increase with 303 active cases on Monday. Meanwhile, state officials are reporting that numbers are “off the chart” in Lubbock with 4,670 active cases and El Paso where a total of 28,248 active cases were reported on Monday.

A complete list of local COVID-19 cases, as compiled by The Eldorado Success, appears on Page 2 of this edition.

Bracing for Basketball

Even as the COVID-19 outbreak continues across the state, schools everywhere are preparing to transition from playing football in open air stadiums, to holding basketball games inside enclosed gymnasiums.

Here in Eldorado, school officials are preparing for basketball season with plans to strictly enforce UIL COVID-19 guidelines, including enforcing the wearing of face coverings before being allowed to enter a SCISD gymnasium

Superintendent Gibson, along with campus principals Perry Graves, Ezra Walling and Michael Rudewick appeared in a video in which SCISD’s rules for attending basketball games were explained, including the mask requirements as well as rules for social distancing inside they gym.

The video can be viewed HERE