A 16-year-old Eldorado High School student was arrested on Thursday, December 13th and charged with making a terroristic threat against the school.

The male student was taken into custody by Schleicher County Chief Deputy Jason Chatham after he reportedly admitted to making a threatening statement to other students.

Chatham notes that the subject is a juvenile whose name is being withheld from the public as required by state law.

It is also the policy of The Eldorado Success not to publish the name of juveniles accused of crimes unless they or their family make their identity known to the public.

Deputy Chatham explains that the juvenile was transported directly to the Tom Green County Juvenile Detention Center in San Angelo where he remains in custody.

Schleicher County ISD Superintendent Robert Gibson explains that school personnel learned of the alleged threat on Wednesday, December 12th and immediately reported it to the Sheriff’s Office. “That is what our policy calls for and we followed the policy by the letter,” Gibson said.

Deputy Chatham conducted several interviews throughout the day after the complaint was received. The arrest was made the following morning.

For his part, Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran says that his office received the complaint and made it a priority. “The safety of this community is our job,” Doran said. “But the safety of our children is even more important.”

The juvenile is expected to have a court hearing later this week at which time a judge will decide the next step in the case.

“If the judge determines that the student needs to return to school, we will conduct an assessment as outlined in our policy and procedures manual,”

Superintendent Gibson said on Tuesday. “That assessment will determine if the student is returned to the classroom or if he is readmitted at our AEP (alternative education placement) building.”