On October 3, 1946, Bedford Peyton Cain III, also known as Beep Cain, was born to Peyton and Alta Cain, in Alpine, Texas.  Beep was 66 years old on October 3, 2012, and died on the 9th in Sinton, Texas, where he lived.  He had one sibling, Jane Stevens Cain Kosub, of Eldorado, Texas.  In 1974, he married Maxie Lynn Wright (now Maxie Houser), and had two children.

He was the joyful father of two children, Channon Christopher Cain of Austin, Texas, and Cara Meredith Cain Davila of Corpus Christi, Texas, and grandfather of Meredith’s 19-month-old twin boys, Cain David Davila and Rocco Alexander Davila.  In 4 more days, Beep was to have become the father-in-law of Lauren Marques, upon her marriage to Channon.

Honest and caring, he was a man with a zest for life.  He was a runner and inspired others around him to be active.  He was an avid reader, stayed connected to world and state issues, and challenged his children to do the same or better.  He was thorough and meticulous in his work and extremely effective in his work in development.  After graduating from Angelo State University, with a bachelor’s degree in History and Kinesiology, he was hired as Administrative Assistant to the President of Angelo State University, and then attended Texas Tech School of Law.

He left to become a partner in a family farming partnership at Roscoe, Texas.  While farming, he accepted a volunteer campaign position for Charles Stenholm in his bid for a congressional seat, and later served two terms as Stenholm’s District Representative.  He served as Mayor for about 5 years, coordinating the FEMA, state and local resources during a “100-year flood” of the city in 1980.  He was then quoted in the New York Times as having said that if the federal government had sent as many buckets to Roscoe as they had sent briefcases, Roscoe’s flooding problem would have been quickly resolved.

Beep had an admirable career in banking at Texas State Bank in San Angelo.  He was hired by the Salvation Army of Texas as a Regional Development Officer and soon was promoted as Director of Development for the State of Texas and relocated to Dallas.  In this role he led a team to raise money for Salvation Army causes throughout the state.  He was in this position during hurricanes Katrina and Rita and led fundraising efforts to support Salvation Army causes during this critical time.

Beep had served as president of the San Angelo Rotary Club and is a Paul Harris Fellow, where he put “service above self”.  He also served his church as an ordained deacon of Roscoe’s First Baptist Church.  Beep’s home at his death was Sinton, Texas, near Corpus Christi.  He will be missed by all, but his influence will live on through generations to come, as his commitments, convictions, and personality were as unique as his nickname, Beep.