EHS One-Act-Play actors and crew present ‘The Voice of the Prairie’
A traveling con artist with a microphone and a quick tongue convinces a shy farmer to tell stories of his youthful travels in “The Voice of the Prairie,” this year’s One-Act-Play offering from Eldorado High School.
The play invites its audience to relive the thrilling early days of radio through the touching tale of a search for lost love and a place in the world.
A dress rehearsal of “The Voice of the Prairie” is slated for Sunday, March 17th at 7pm in the EHS Auditorium.
Contest dates are Zone -March 21st in Miles and District-March 26th in Mertzon.
Cast members include: Ryan Espinosa - Leon Schwabb (con-artist); Austin Stapp - Davey, a shy farmer; Jacob Mettlen - Sheriff and watermelon man; Alex McMayon - Frankie, a blind girl; Aaron Santellano - school boy and news vendor; Whitney Perez - Susie; Amber Shipman - a passerby; Andrew Curtis - James; Rylea Self - a gossip monger; Kaitlyn Lindsey - schoolgirl; and Robin Hibbs - jailer.
Crew members include: Esme Ruezga - lighting; Stormi Rinehart - sound; Jessica Gonzalez -spotlight; Cody McCormack and Victoria Olivan.
Alternates include: Kaci Bales, T.J. Hudson and Megan Powell.
Luann Shipman directs the play with the help of assistant directors Layna Murr and Lindsey Parker.